Living City Spell List Generator

This service is provided free of charge for players of the Living City campaign. Please note that TSR and WOTC [and Hasbro ;)] are businesses and, as the copyright holder, would really like you to buy the books that this information is summarized from. Please do so.

By using this service, you certify that you own the appropriate AD&D 2nd Edition rulebooks that this information is pulled from. Specifically, that you own a copy of Players Handbook, plus Tome of Magic and Forgotten Realms Adventures if you use spells from those sources. (FRA only contains wizard spells.) Also, if you play a crusader, monk or specialty priest, that you own Faiths & Avatars, Powers & Pantheons and/or Demihuman Deities as appropriate. [ The Crusader and Monk are described in F&A, Human deities are described in F&A and P&P, and Demihuman deities, well, are in DD. :) ]

All available spells (from the above-mentioned books) for a particular type of spellcaster are listed; this is very appropriate for priest-type characters. For wizard-type characters, this lists all spells that they are able to learn, and you will need to track which subset of the spells are in your character's spell book. (I circle the spell names on my list.) It is a possibility in the future that individual spells will be able to be selected through this service, to make a personalized spell book.

This service generates the spell list in Adobe Acrobat format (also known as PDF). If you do not have the free Acrobat reader (or have access to someone with the reader to print out the file for you), then please visit the Adobe web site to download the latest version.