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This service is provided free of charge for players of the Living City and Living Greyhawk campaigns. Please note that WOTC and Hasbro are businesses and, as the copyright holder, would really like you to buy the books that this information is summarized from. Please do so.

These books include: Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition Players Handbook, Living Greyhawk Gazetteer (for Living Greyhawk), Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting and Magic of Faerun (for Living City). Defenders of the Faith and Tome and Blood are also included. Deity information is pulled from the LGG and FRCS.

Currently, all available spells (from the above-mentioned books) for a particular type of spellcaster are listed; this is very appropriate for priest-type characters. (In LG, access to the spells from DotF and T&B are not automatic.) For wizard-type characters, this lists all spells that they are able to learn by default.

This service generates the spell list in tab-delimited text, HTML and Adobe Acrobat (also known as PDF) formats. If you do not have the free Acrobat reader (or have access to someone with the reader to print out the file for you), then please visit the Adobe web site to download the latest version.

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