RPGA (and other) Campaigns

When I say games, I mainly mean role-playing games. I have been a member of the Role-Playing Games Association for more than twenty years, It provides structured games for play at conventions, although fewer than it once did. Several of the games are set up such that you can create a character and play him or her in a series of games, gaining experience and items along the way. There have been quite a few campaigns that I've enjoyed, mostly now ended.

A few years ago, a company named Paizo created an evolution of 3rd Edition D&D called Pathfinder. They have their own shared world campaign called the Pathfinder Society, and that is my current favorite campaign.

Campaign About / Characters Game System
Living City Living City was the granddaddy of the shared campaign, based in Ravens Bluff, a city in the Vast region of the Forgotten Realms. I started playing it around 1994, up until it ended around 2003. It was based in Ravens Bluff, a city in the Vast region of the Forgotten Realms. Arond 2001, it converted to 3rd Edition and later transferred to an outside firm to run.
  • Thurmananthalas Greymantle, gnome scholar (thief/illusionist, a reincarnated half-elf thief/wizard)
  • Whalen Vandersnee, human Silverstar
  • Grunt Brokentoe, half-orc paladin of Illmater
  • Cleossandra Copperfield, lately of Glimmering Swords and now of Clan Brightsword, dwarf priestess of Berronar Truesilver
  • Ozimel Moongold, elven archer
AD&D 2nd / D&D 3rd
Living Jungle This was a very fun game with many interesting character races, and very limited equipment and magic. It took place on an isolated plateau filled with a jungle and garuda (dinosaurs).
  • Woobitoobi, Nubari (human) cleric
AD&D 2nd
Living Verge I only played this once, as it had very few play opportunities. But it was based on the Verge setting of Alternity, and had all sorts of aliens and spacecraft.
  • Amos Cadwallader, human pilot
Virtual Seattle One of my favorite campaigns - Shadowrun taking place in and around Seattle.
  • Roach, ork rigger - deceased (shot in the head while jacked into his van during an ambush)
  • Roughshod, human (Lakota Sioux) rigger - using the Roach Memorial Drone
Shadowrun 2nd / 3rd
Living Force This was a great campaign, taking place during the Rise of the Empire era. I played all of the early ones, but mised much of the late campign because it wasn't being run in my area.
  • Sy-Amun-Katari, Cerean Pilot and Mechanic, winner of a pod race at Winter Fantasy 2002
Star Wars d20
Living Greyhawk Probably my favorite of all of the campaigns. It was based in the world of Greyhawk, and real-world regions were mapped on to Greyhawk countries. They were locally controlled, and each region's adventures could only be played in that real-world region. I lived in the Highfolk region, and played all of the regional adventures and ran most of them at least once. Highfolk had two epic storylines during the eight years of the campaign. (2000-2008ish)
  • Osric Moorland, Human (Oeridian) Cleric of Fharlanghn from Highfolk (my main character through Highfolk's first plot arc)
  • Garnes Siannodel, Elven sorcerer of Clan Volmiyrth (and his familiar Yavia the owl), from Highfolk
  • Raphael, Human (Rhennee) mendicant (fighter/rogue) with a spiked chain, from Furyondy
  • Gwydion Wenyd, Elven druid of Clan Lleyluna (with Cobweb V the wolf) (my main character through Highfolk's second plot arc)
  • Duncan Cormac Finnegan Seamus Rockskipper Horatio McCrae, Gnome wizard
  • Adrastea Cloverleaf, Half-Elven ranger
D&D 3rd / 3.5
Living Forgotten Realms This was created to showcase 4th Edition (started in the summer of 2008), and is the current shared campaign. It takes place all over the Forgotten Realms, well after the Spellplague which converted the Realms from 3rd Edition to 4th Edition.
I wrote one of the adventures based in Waterdeep, called "Lost in the Fog". I earned some money at it, so I'm a real-live published author!
  • Brigid Copperfield, dwarven paladin from Waterdeep (and descendant of Cleossandra from Living City)
  • Oliver Greycastle, human rogue from Baldur's Gate
  • Dogbert, gnoll wizard from Aglarond. Also, adventuring consultant and future overlord of Faerun.
  • Stabulon XC, Warforged Warlord from Cormyr
  • Kavaki, goliath swordmage
  • Cormac Deepaxe, dwarven invoker from Raven's Bluff
D&D 4th
Pathfinder Society Here, you play members of the Pathfinder Society in the world of Golarion. Officially, they try to retrieve archaeological treasures, but more often than not might end up fighting opponents such as the Aspis Consortium.
  • Khalfani Lisimba, half-orc wizard/barbarian/eldritch knight from Osirion
  • Dr. Theophilus Wogglebug, TE; gnomish know-it-all (and starsoul sorcerer)
  • Huang-Fu Zheng, Tien human zen archer

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