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I haven't actually worked on these for many years, as I lost interest in Magic: The Gathering about the time Mirage came out (1996), but I always have hope that I'll eventually finish the story.... [ Of course, while M:TG was the initial impetus, I think that these would work well enough without knowedge of the game. I started them before the first official novel came out, so my vision is a bit different than the established world, and I haven't read any of it in (wow) 15 or so years. So the further stuff may not have the cute M:TG card references. :) If I ever pick them up again.]

Parts 1 and 5-7 of Points of Brilliance interlock pretty closely with Lighting Candles in the Dark, in the grand tradition of having stories from multiple points of view. POB is Thurmananthalas' story, narrated by him. Candles is third-person, but is mainly centered around Father Tobias Rothwell, a witness of the duel in POB #1, plus several of Ariel's friends from college. Quicksilver would tie in with POB around #10. (In fact, there is some foreshadowing of the connection.) The Shadow Lengthens, however, is off on its own. I doubt that that will continue in any form, as it didn't grab me.

Points of Brilliance

Points of Brilliance is a series of short stories set in the world of the Magic: The Gathering card game. The narrator is Thurmananthalas Greymantle, an elven mage and planewalker. So far, his recollections include an ambush by a planewalker when returning to his home Sablemorn in the plane of Scintilla (Part 1), his early tutelage under Ahrmin ip Wandrun (Parts 2-4), and most recently in Parts 5-7, the return of the mysterious planewalker.

I have general ideas for the next five stories, leading to the stunning conclusion worthy of "Doc" Smith (Okay, I won't throw any planets around, I promise), but they've been kicking around for several years, since I wrote the initial ones. Maybe I'll finally finish them soon...

Oh, and each (except the first one) includes a "free" card (or two)!

Lighting Candles in the Dark

Lighting Candles in the Dark is a series centering on the effects of a planewalker duel on the inhabitants of a plane. (Guess whose duel?)


Quicksilver is the story of a slight altercation on the plane of Tolagrand, involving a foreign planewalker and a native skyship of the Aquilarian Empire.

Other Forthcoming

(Which may or may not ever come about...)

The Shadow Lengthens

This is a story unconnected with the others, based on the Homelands set. It was supposed to be the first of a series, but it's unlikely to be continued, as it didn't really click.