Role-Playing Games

I've been playing role-playing games for decades; most of my life, really. Some of the ones that I have played are:

I own a lot more than just these; I've bought a lot more through the years than I have actually had time or a group to play.


One of the first things that I do when I create a new spellcasting character is to work up a listing of the spells available to him. I've gotten sick of doing this, as it's pretty tedious. I realized that I could put together a program to automatically do it, and that I could put in on my web page for others to benefit. So, around 1999, I put up a Perl and MySQL-based spell list generator for AD&D 2nd.

On the following pages, you can select any of the standard wizard-type spellcasters (mage, bard, illusionist, necromancer, water elementalist, etc.), or any of the priest-type ones (cleric, druid, ranger, paladin, or any of the LC-allowed specialty priests). The program will generate an Acrobat file summarizing the spells that your spellcaster has access to (with respect to school and sphere.) It includes all the appropriate spells from the Players Handbook, Tome of Magic, Forgotten Realms Adventures, Faiths & Avatars, Powers & Pantheons and Demihuman Deities.

Enjoy, and if you have any comments or questions (or bug reports), email me at

Enter the AD&D 2nd spell listing generator (mainly set up for Living City)

I worked on a 3rd Edition one for a while, but it never got to the release stage. It's unlikely that I will pick it up again, as there are actually a number of other good options nowadays, but here it is, in case you wish to play with it.

Enter the D&D 3rd Virtual Spellbook


I also played a lot of adventure gamebooks while I was a teenager - sort of like Choose Your Own Adventure, but with dice. My favorites were Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks, and Lone Wolf.